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There are so many things to do in this area that we can’t list them all!  

Here are a few of the most popular:

Hiwassee River

We are only minutes away from the Big Bend, Towee Creek, and Powerhouse Recreation Areas on the Hiwassee River. Need some bait or tackle? Reliance Fly and Tackle is an easy stop along the way. Webb Brothers Rafting & General Store and Hiwassee Outfitters can help you with all your river adventure needs!

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Ocoee River

America’s #1 Whitewater River and only Olympic River, commercial river outfitters offer expert guides to help you capture the excitement of the Class III and Class IV rapids. Private paddlers and floaters can take advantage of the calm waters of the Lower Ocoee.

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Lost Sea Adventure

Have you ever taken a boat ride in a cave? Float on America’s largest underground lake or take an immersive spelunking tour through undeveloped cave rooms where you crawl through cracks, crevices, nooks, and crannies! Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Scenic Train Trip

The crown jewel in the Tennessee Valley Railroad pantheon, the Hiwassee River Rail Adventure travels along the Hiwassee River and through the historic “Hiwassee Loop”. This 3 ½ hour train ride is open year-round and leaves from nearby Delano, TN. Exact museum hours vary by season.

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Flying High

Want to see the mountains from above? Behold the thrill of motorless flight. Admire the beautiful Tennessee countryside and mountains from thousands of feet up in the air as you soar like a bird! Chilhowee is open year-round, weather permitting, from 11 a.m. until sunset Friday through Saturday.

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Local Dining

There are several local restaurants located only a short drive from the Retreat. To help you narrow down your choice, we have compiled a list of just a few of our favorite eateries. From home-cooked meals to full-service dining with live music, there is something for everyone!

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Local Hiking Trails

Right out our front door, Starr Mountain has miles of hiking trails to inspire the adventurer in you! From simple strolls through nature to challenging climbs, there is no shortage of outdoor adventures. We also have several horse-friendly trails within minutes of the Retreat.

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Water Falls

With over 16 falls within a short drive and easy hiking distance, we are a waterfalls enthusiast’s paradise! Grab a book, pack a picnic, and get lost in the relaxing sounds of nature during your mountain getaway at Starr Mountian Retreat.

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